Stephen Beaumont

You are invited to join us to celebrate  a solo exhibition of Stephen’s stunning paintings and drawings

at Backspace Gallery, Huyghue House, Camp St, Ballarat
Opening Friday 19th April, 6pm.

Stephen Beaumont Invitations

Backspace Map V2

Some new works from “Stepping Out”        Click-a-pic to view as a slideshow

Older works     Click-a-pic to view as a slide-show

Stephen Beaumont became an associate artist with the SSAS in 2012.  As an  art maker for over 3 decades Stephen states that:

“I have always been fascinated (at times appalled) by the sights and sounds of city streets.  They seem to go on forever; they would seem to last forever.  However, when the vast majority of the Earth and humanity’s small part in it is considered, (what you see) when you stand on any street corner you realize that this is just a thin, thin paper thin instant in time for this place.”

Stephen Beaumont

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