We Are Star Dust

We are stardust
Billion year old carbon
We are golden
Caught in the devil’s bargain
And we’ve got to get ourselves
back to the garden.
Joni Mitchell, 1970

“The Dave”

Rave with “The Dave” – the radio man who has interviewed artists with their art for the past decade. Mr Dave Knowles is the host of ‘Accessing Arts’ on VOICE FM radio, and this exhibition celebrates his 10th year of action. Come on down, view great art (including by ‘yours truly’) catch up with friends … soContinue reading ““The Dave””


You are invited to celebrate new artwork by 16 artists from Ballarat and region. … and what a party we shall all have  … come along  to join myself,  Gordon Munro, Melinda Muscat, Dawn Whitehand, Grace Bailey, Dee Waterhouse, Paul Anthony, Anne Chibnall, Lyn Cooke, Barry Devine, France Guerin, Vida Pearson, Jane Reyne, Martin ScuffinsContinue reading “BIRDS, BEASTS AND BLOSSOMS”

Street Art Getting Somewhere in B’rat

Thank you City of Ballarat for co-sponsoring and featuring street art on it’s website home-page. Art co-created with a 14 year old, cared for by Berry Street Ballarat. The original art can be viewed on a bus shelter in Albert St, Sebastopol.  Click here to view more information about the Berry Street Art Project.

Black Tie dinner and Art Auction for Uniting Care Ballarat 16th Nov ’13

You are invited to join special guests Derek Guille and Sigrid Thornton in celebration of the art created to support those people-in-desperate-need within Ballarat – via the Uniting Care art program ‘Under the Floorboards’. Click here for more information.

Opening of group art exhibition “Under The Floorboards”

You are invited to come celebrate my latest painting (all 8 metres of it) along side new art work by Aldona Kmiec, Grace Bailey, Kate Vivian, Tracy Bourne, Rebecca McLean, Cath Johnston, Kim Anderson, Barry Wemyss, Kat Barrand, Anne Langdon and Kirsty Hawkes. ‘Under The Floorboards’ is an exhibition initiated by Uniting Care – to support people in desperate need within Ballarat. Art Gallery ofContinue reading “Opening of group art exhibition “Under The Floorboards””