Acts of Random Creating

Improvisational movement has been a favorite pass time to ‘lush up’ perception and art practice. Improvisation of any form has long been an underpinning for any creative practice. It acts as a creative free-flow that allows experimentation, free association and invention.

‘IMPROV – a gathering of improvibilities’ is a quartet of Ballarat artists from 4 different art modalities: Voice – Julianne Eveleigh, Dance – Robin Sedgwick, Improvisation Performance – Al Wunder and Visual – Linda Franklin

4 artists mature-in-art-form and mature-in-body, stepping beyond their well honed modes of expression into unknown worlds of fresh modes of being … to uncover the enduring essence of the creative principle. (Linda is clicking the camera hence not appearing in the fotos but her drawings are omni-present).

Click the link below to view a few of our manoeuvre’s:

A Gathering of Improvabilities and One Minute of Wunder

Improv 3

Improv extra 1

Improv extra 2

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