Art For Sale


Darwins Finch

ARTIST:    Linda Franklin
TITLE:     Darwin's Finch
MEDIUM:    Mixed Media - (with polyurethane varnish, shellac,
           graphite, wax, furniture stain, oil pastels & acrylic)
SIZE:      100 x 140cm
PRICE:     $1200

Mandala of Light and Dark

ARTIST:   Linda Franklin
TITLE:    Mandela of Light and Dark
MEDIUM:   Acrylic with polyurethane varnish, wax, shellac,
          acrylic, graphite and twig)
SIZE:     36 x 36cm, framed 
PRICE:    $220

Victory Wreath

ARTIST:   Linda Franklin
TITLE:    Victory Wreath
MEDIUM:   Acrylic & pastel (triptych)
PRICE:    $620

Hells Angel in the Tea Parlor

ARTIST:   Linda Franklin
TITLE:    Hells Angel in the Tea Parlour
MEDIUM:   Rubbing with pastels + graphite
SIZE:     54 x 62cm, framed
PRICE:    $200

The Third Aspect

ARTIST:   Linda Franklin
TITLE:    The Third Aspect 
MEDIUM:   Mixed Media on canvas board 
SIZE:     40 x 50cm, unframed
PRICE:    $200

Seasons of Consiousness four panels

ARTIST:   Linda Franklin
TITLE:    Cycles of Consciousness
MEDIUM:   Mixed Media on re-cycled plywood 
SIZE:     120 x 120cm 
PRICE:    $800

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