Made In Ballarat

MEDIUM:  Acrylic, gouache, oil pastel, graphite on Ballarat vintage door  
SIZE: 160 x 205 cm  
PRICE:  Sold

Mars Bar and Black Swans—made in Ballarat, share a city that boasts the largest artificial urban water expanse in Australia, Lake Wendouree.

These current moments-in-time are favourable feeding and breeding seasons for both birds and humans—in light of Ballarat City Council plans to expand the human population by 40% in the next few decades.

Our human population and need for housing is expanding, but Lake Wendouree will remain the same size. We demand bigger and better recreation space upon the limited resource of the Lake, and remove the reeds, the nesting materials for Black Swans.

The nomadic Swan – with wings out-stretched, clipped, no room to move, can choose to fly away from Ballarat, if conditions do not suit it.

In this age of consumerism, we no longer hunt and consume these swans for food, but now consume them visually – in our yearn to commune with nature.

Humans hunt along the Lake’s edge as fur-tographer’s: for furry and feathered subjects … as faux-tographer’s we snap-shot then Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook – our captured and consumed birds fly in the i-cloud.

We commune and consume in the new Social Media junk-food feeding frenzy.

Brolgas are an example of an iconic native bird that has recently disappeared from Lake Wendouree, due to its re-flooding in 2010 for human recreation.
Photograph by Ed Dunnan.
Made in Ballarat - Mars Bar bill board on Sturt St
Made in Ballarat – Mars Bar bill board on Sturt St

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